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Texas Probate and Guardianship Lawyer

If you have been named executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, you want an experienced attorney to guide you through the probate process. You may have little understanding of what needs to be done to settle the estate. You want a lawyer who fully understands the probate process, one who has helped others oversee the orderly distribution of assets under a will or trust.

At the office of Marilyn G. Miller, Attorney at Law, we have assisted individuals throughout the Hill Country in Central Texas with probate matters for over 25 years, providing counsel on the settlement of estates as well as the establishment of guardianships. We will prepare all required documentation to help you complete the process and will act as your advocate in any hearings or proceedings.

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Dripping Springs Probate Lawyer

We work with administrators and executors, helping you get a will admitted to probate, so you can determine the heirs and oversee the orderly distribution of assets in accordance with the terms of the will. We will assist you with the preparation of an inventory of the assets of the estate, publish all notices required by the probate court, and identify all creditors so that you can make certain they get paid.

Texas Guardianship Attorney

We also assist people who need to put a guardianship in place to protect the medical, financial or legal affairs of a loved one. We will help you put a guardianship in place for a minor or for an adult who lacks the capacity to manage his or her own affairs, or help you try to find less restrictive alternatives to guardianship. The guardianship can cover all matters and maybe a partial guardianship, providing control over health or financial matters.

We will file and prepare the necessary paperwork to put the guardianship in place and will appear in court on your behalf as required. We will also help you ensure that the appointed guardian is complying with the terms of the guardianship, making certain that annual reports are filed. We will help you collect any relevant medical records and will take the time before the guardianship is in place to make certain you understand the rights and responsibilities it establishes.

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